Looking for Shoes for Daughter with WIDE Feet


Can anyone recommend a shoe store in the Bay Area that serves children? My daughter has very wide feet and so far only flip flops and New Balance running shoes will fit her. Her feet also seem to be different sizes which makes it even harder. I have called or taken her to Berkeley Running Company, Transports, and Roadrunner to get shoes, to no avail. I am so tired of ordering boxes from Zappos and returning them.  She wears a size 3 youth and is in the 5th grade.  Looking for recommendations on shoe brands for wide feet and also shops that know kids' shoes. Thanks

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I'm not sure how wide your kid's feet are. Our kid has wide feet and we have been using Crocs and Native almost exclusively. Crocs make these mary jane style shoes with stretchy fabric that accomodates wide feet while looking more dressy than the rubbery "crocs". 

Goldenbug children's shoes in Rockridge! They are amazing and fit my child's wide feet to the perfect shoes in under 15 min. Highly recommend!