Looking for safe Family Neighborhoods in Richmond


My husband and I have lived in Berkeley for 14 years. We have an 11 yo daughter in the Berkeley public school system. We are looking to buy, and it appears that housing prices in El Cerrito, as well as the Richmond Annex have gone up considerably in the last year. We are looking at other possible areas in Richmond, such as the North & East part. However, I do not know much about the Richmond areas at all. Any current feedback about living in Richmond would be most appreciated. I have read through a lot of what is written here, however most stuff is 2-5 years old. Would love a current 2017 perspective as things are changing so fast.

Thank you!


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I moved to North & East Richmond, close to El Cerrito, 2 years ago. While the neighborhood is safe, and the neighbors are kind, the schools are terrible. You might want to try San Pablo, in an area where your child can go to El Sobrante schools.

I highly recommend my neighborhood, where I have lived since 2013: East Richmond Heights. Middle schoolers are zoned for Mira Vista, but I think you also have the option to choose Korematsu.