Moving to the East Coast - need recent mover recs

We are making the move to the other coast (Philly area) later in 2022 and looking for recent recommendations for:

-transporting an automobile 

- movers 

Bonus- businesses to avoid!

Thank you!

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Expect to pay close to $1500 to ship your automobile. I've used these people and they are great:

Movers it really depends on how much stuff you have.  We moved from Boston to Berkeley in January of 2020 and I think we paid close to 14k for packing and moving.  We also had our own truck so that was more expensive than sharing a truck with another family.  It was also way quicker.  We had a three bedroom/3 bath condo in Boston.

Our move wasn't quite that ambitious (from AZ back to CA) but we worked with three men and a truck, who I'd give an overall positive review to. They do move cars too, which was something we were looking for so that we didn't have to deal with two different companies to get everything delivered. No major issues to speak of with the car or furniture and they were easy to deal with, plus the price wasn't too bad, at least as moving companies go. They also operate nationwide so the coast to coast move shouldn't be a problem for them.