Looking for a psychiatrist specializing in post-partum issues

Hi there-

I'm hoping to find a therapist (preferably someone who can prescribe medication) to help with post-partum anxiety and depression. I'm expecting our first baby in a few weeks and have a history of dealing with both issues and want to get a relationship established before the baby arrives. I have Cigna insurance and am open to anyone in the east bay (male or female doesn't matter). Thanks in advance!

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I'd say, on top of being prepared by finding a therapist etc, do what you can to reduce your need for a therapist. Appreciate the magic and healing power of birth! Be well-nourished, get lots of sleep etc. Skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth, and lots of unscheduled breastfeeding and time together with baby, have been shown to reduce the incidence of post-partum depression. Etc. This can be a new start!

It's good that you're on top of it beforehand. I waited till after the baby and it was a nightmare dealing with my hmo. They sent me lists of psychiatrists that weren't accepting patients or didn't specialize. If you have a ppo you will probably be better off. I'm seeing and mft named Sarah Liebman in Albany, she's great for talk therapy if you can't find a psychiatrist. My ob gave me a rx and I just saw a psychiatrist for meds only that gave me zoloft and klonopin. Zoloft seems to be the gold standard if you want to breaatfeed.