Looking for a Psychiatrist for a Medication Evaluation for 9 year old

I am looking for a Psychiatrist in or near Oakland, for a Medication Evaluation for my daughter who is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.



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Hello Emily,

I have twin daughters that are 17-1/2 years old. When one twin was a toddler she began suffering from anxiety. It got so bad in kindergarten than her teacher suggested she see a therapist. She saw Dr. Fortunee Kayra-Stuart in Berkeley. Dr. Stuart is a psychologist with extensive pharmacology knowledge. She prefers to work with children through play and she's exceptional. So if your daughter doesn't need to be medicated, perhaps Dr. Stuart can help. She's currently vacationing in Alaska. She migrated from Greece in the 60's, is married and raised two very accomplished daughters. She's also a mediator for the courts, she's in her 80's, dynamic, loving, and very good at what she does. After seeing her weekly for 18 months, my daughter was just about cured of her anxiety. Dr. Stuart really knows what she's doing. She will work with the entire family to advocate for her little patients. She will teach your daughter coping skills to get her through the rough patches.

My other daughter suffers from major depressive disorder and social phobia. Diagnosed by East Bay Family Institute (eastbayfamilyinstitute.com) just before her 12th birthday. The testing took two afternoons and the testing technician is Liz Walser, she is extraordinary. Because my daughter needed medication, she saw a couple of male psychiatrist that I would not recommend. Old guys. East Bay Family Institute director, Dr. Lesleigh Franklin, Ph.D, recommended I find another psychiatrist. I searched high and low and found  Dr. Amber Lerma, Cal and UCSF grad. Dr. Lerma is affiliated with Pacific Coast Psychiatric Associates, website at bottom. Her office is located in Walnut Creek, (they have more than one office). Dr. Lerma is excellent and my daughter is very happy with her. She interviewed my husband and me for two sessions before meeting and working with our daughter. She's also a mother of two very young boys so she's well aware of the issues we all face as parents.

Good luck Emily. It's challenging raising children in the current environment we find ourselves in, but you're doing the right thing to reach out to others who may have had similar childrearing experiences. Hang in there.