Looking for preschool for active 3-year-old

I'm seeing a lot of posts on here that precisely describe our situation, but most of them are quite dated so I was hoping for some more current info.  We have a very active and easily overstimulated 3-year-old daughter in a preschool that really isn't a good fit. The main challenge at the moment is that the school requires all kids, from infants to age 5, to take a 2+ hour nap. She has trouble powering down, gets overstimulated, acts out, and often gets sent home. We know this can't go on much longer - from the school's end or ours - but we're having a really hard time finding a school with openings mid-year, and waiting until September isn't going to be an option. Based on what we know and what I'm reading here, it seems that a lot of structure and a well-defined routine would be best. And there needs to be a no-nap alternative. As far as location, we'd prefer a school in North Oakland or South Berkeley.

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My kid was the same way. We loved Claremont Day Nursery.

Try reaching out to Room to Grow in Rockridge. Our child went there. It was a wonderful play-based preschool. It can seem chaotic especially if you visit during their free play time, but they did not require kids to nap. They encouraged kids to nap and had designated nap time for 3 year olds, but my kid didn't nap consistently and they worked with us. Their philosophy is child led, so if the kid is not a napper, they don't force the kid to nap and will let the kid have quiet play time. 

I can confirm the recommendation about Room to Grow. It is our second year there. The school philosophy (Reggio Emilia) acknowledges that every child is unique, so the curriculum is set up in a way that kids can choose from various activities. That can include napping or not napping. There is a separate room for the younger kids (3 yrs) where they are being encouraged to nap. The older kids often roll out their mat in the main area, and would have some quiet time while browsing through a book. After a while, they can quietly get up and play in the art room. Mo-Thu there is "literacy group" for the older kids where they would read a chapter book together and create art about what they have just read, while younger kids are napping. No real age cut off restrictions to join one group or the other. Kids can decide for themselves and parents can voice their preferences to the teachers.

I am pretty sure they currently have openings so no need to wait until the new school year. Good luck finding a solution that works for your family.