Looking for Pinole daycare/preschool for 2.5 year old

Hi, I am looking for full time daycare/preschool for my 2.5 year old daughter. We will be living in the Pinole Valley area starting late July/early August. I have Googled a couple of places but it is hard to get a hold of a live person so I am not sure how best to figure out who has openings. Does anyone have a good recommendation or contact for me?

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I just toured Sunshine Playschool for my 3 year old and I loved it! Sounds like they have some spots starting mid August. 

Sunshine Playschool in El Sobrante is run by Meghan a former teacher and administrator at our Berkeley Preschool.  Meghan is the BEST.  She is a big believer in play based learning and I can't recommend her enough.