Looking for a Piano Teacher in Albany/Berkeley


I am looking for a piano teacher in North Berkeley or Albany to teach my 8 year old daughter who has never played before. It would be great if the teacher could come to our place, but we could also go to the teacher. 

I welcome your recommendations. 

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Alicia Dixon is THE BEST 707 654 5218

I strongly recommend Dusan Chae. He's been teaching my son now for over 6 years. What makes him great: 1) very patient and kind, 2) comes TO YOUR HOUSE (huge!), 3) flexible in scheduling and music choice and 4) very reasonable fees.  Our goal was to have music be a part of my son's life and though he is in high school now he still wants to take lessons. Dusan has let him play what excites him and he can now play film scores (think Interstellar and Inception) in a way that literally mesmerizes. You can reach him at soundIn2Time [at] gmx.com