Pediatric Feeding Specialist for 18mo who won't eat solids

Hi BPN! I'm looking for a recommendation for a feeding specialist to help my 18 month old overcome a phobia of eating solid foods. His phobia stems from a couple of bad swallowing and spitting up incidents when he was 6 months old and just trying out solids.  We're looking for someone who makes home visits (we tried an Occupational Therapist at UCSF Children's Hospital but the clinical setting did not help my son relax).

I'm not looking for tips to try, so please don't offer any, believe me we've done them all and it's often discouraging when people try to help in that way. I'm also not looking for any diagnoses suggestions, his pediatrician is on top of this and my son has no physiological issues.

I'm would greatly appreciate recs for a professional who can help us in our home. We live in the Oakland Hills.

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Check out Nourished Therapy ( We had a very positive experience working with Lisa. She came to our home and helped us with our toddler. Best of luck!

We used lisa lawlor, who came to our home, for feeding therapy. We were happy with her and would recommend her  +1 (415) 596-5306

We had a very positive feeding therapy experience with Nikki Zader at Child's Play in Lafayette. I don't know if she does home visits (we went to the clinic), but you could ask. She is wonderful. Best wishes to you and your kiddo!