Looking for a pediatric dentist in SF ideally

My almost three year old had a fall and supposedly fell on his front teeth a month ago. 

Ive recently notice one of his front teeth turning grey and am needing to find a dentist, ideally SF but flexible to oakland east Bay Area as well..

i am looking for someone that takes delta dental or within the anthem blue cross program (medi-cal) program- in SF.

Someone eco/choice conscious, any leads would help.

thank you!

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I can recommend either Dr. Nancy Hsieh (https://www.sfkidsdentist.com/) or the dentists at One Parker practice (https://www.oneparkerpediatricdentistry.com/).All my local friends and I go to one of these two practices and are very happy.  Both are located in the Laurel Heights neighborhood.  

You can serch in the smile California web page. In the search options select Pediatric dentists
We went a few months ago to Little gold fish children's dentists in Oakland and they were very nice