Looking for new doctor open to ordering more comprehensive labs

i am looking for a new pcp that takes United health and is comfortable with a western and functional medicine approach. I will also likely work with a functional  med doc, but am hoping to find a regular pcp who is willing to order some of the labs that go beyond CBC  labs, and who respects incorporating a functional medicine approach. I am dealing with some family history of dementia and am wanting to actively work on some preventative ideas, including inflammatory issues. I have had difficulty finding such a dr, even in the Bay Area. Although I currently have united health, I would consider switching to Kaiser if there was a dr there that fits this description.

Thank you

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I am not a physician but I am married to one and for those who want to heal, he orders specific labs (unfortunately he can’t do it for you as he’s up to the brim with patients/clients). I want to offer this: ask for your APOb-to-APOa1 ratio test.  Your doctor(s) may not even know what this is / how to read it and the lab might not “offer” it (I.e. you will pay out of pocket). Very important: when your doctor says “no,” ask them to document it. That tends to kick their reptile brain into gear and are more likely to accommodate. Due to our lifestyle, environment, food supply and medications, dementia (now being looked at as Type 3 diabetes), along with Type 2 diabetes, metabolic disease and/or autoimmune diseases are all in the deck of cards for most our health. The idea is to see which direction your headed. You can get your deep cell health looked at, too, which tells you a lot. Now, to do the work is a different story - let’s just it can be done with time and effort. My father was an athlete, didn’t drink alcohol, did brain activities for ages (brain gyms too) and was vegan for 20 years (which might have been a big culprit in his fueling the demise of his brain function - inflammation and low fats)...alas, he had a terrible case of dementia that we dealt with for five years. You are doing the right thing by attempting to mitigate it. Watch the movie (Netflix) the Magic Pill for more insight.