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Hello! I’m looking to move to Nevada to either Reno/Sparks or Las Vegas/Henderson/North LV. I’m looking at these areas since they are still driving distance or a short flight to the Bay.

Can anyone share their experience of either of these areas in terms of diversity, public and private schools, special education (our son has high functioning autism), culture, weather, and political or religious views? Which city would you recommend?

A little about us… we are a multicultural family of 3, born and raised in the Bay Area and lived in Oakland the last 11 years. All of our family lives in the Bay and we are very close to them. My parents have helped with our son who is 7 since he was born. We’re leaving for most of the same reasons everyone else had: lawlessness (at least in Oakland), too congested/traffic, want a bigger house, but can’t afford 2 million plus, wanting a more moderate political view community, and the Bay as we knew it as kids to young adults is not the same anymore.

We value racial diversity and want our son to grow up playing with all races which is why we originally settled in Oakland. We value an emphasis on family and want to live in a community that does too.  We like to ride bikes, hike, go to the beach, and explore natural surroundings.  We are Christian, moderate in political views and would like to find a community where people have similar views. Lastly, we love to eat at the various ethnic restaurants in Oakland and the Bay, but that is more of a want than need. 

If you can suggest a city in Nevada or other state that has what we’re looking for please share your experience, it is much appreciated! 

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Why not just move to Pleasant Hill, Martinez or Concord…only 20-30 minutes from Oakland. That’s what we did over 15 years ago, and where we live in Pleasant Hill meets the description of what you are looking for. Home prices in nice leafy neighborhoods, while still high compared to other states, are significantly lower than Oakland. Lots of church goers with moderate political views. Lots of racial, economic and political diversity - we are a biracial family as well. Flat streets where the kids all ride around on their bikes and people hang out on their front lawns. Traffic is fine and everything in the Bay Area is within 45 minutes away. 

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Utah. Honestly, it sounds like a match for you and has so much more to offer than Nevada. 

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If you haven't yet I would check out the  great schools website  for Nevada. You will be able to see demographics for each school.  My parents live outside of sparks and were pretty shocked by how conservative it was after being in the bay area. There will be Trump flags. Reno is better but more $$$. 

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Go drive around in Reno asap! We also thought that a move to the Reno area would be a good idea, then we went there with that goal in mind and quickly changed our minds. It's not diverse, it's not pretty, it's not cool. There's a sundowner town close by and they still sound the siren at 6 every night. Housing is less than the bay but isn't cheap. Traffic can be awful. It's pretty close to Lake Tahoe but that's about all I see going for that area.