Looking for legal help with Guardianship


I need to establish Guardianship over my soon to be 18 year old son. Previous BPN listings are 3-4 years old. My son qualifies and I know the basics of such documents. Definitely looking to work with someone who has years of experience in this area, and who has worked with single parents. 

Legal clock is ticking.

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Check out Attorney Betsy Thompson in Walnut Creek. This is her area. She is an Estate Planning Attorney and has done similar work for my family.



The Alameda County Bar Association has a free legal guardianship clinic. Attorneys help the guardians prepare the papers, file the papers, and serve the appropriate persons. It is income qualified however. Also, since you mentioned your son is soon to be 18, perhaps you mean a conservatorship, which concerns adults. Usually used for the elderly or those with dementia, a conservatorship is also used for developmentally disabled youngsters. As you know the age of majority in California is 18, so parents needing to make legal, medical, financial and persona decisions for young adults require a court ordered conservatorship. In any event, contact the Alameda County Bar Association for referrals.

I recommend Julie Fiedler from Horizon Law. 925-275-5509. We have a family member with mental health issues and I had to take control of her care and finances as she was unable. Julie was very knowledgeable and helped us get everything set up.