Looking for a landscaper for a slope garden

Hello BPN community,

I am looking for a landscaper who can help to create a garden on a slope behind our house. It involves building a retaining wall (not a large one but we are trying to find somebody who has experience in it) and stairs. We are not looking for a fancy design, as we would like to create a play area for the kids - so it is just putting the grass.

I would appreciate any leads to somebody who has experience in those type of projects and will not break the budget :)

Thank you in advance!

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We did just this exact thing at out home. We worked w our neighbor who happens to be a landscaper - Chea Gardening, 510-914-6161 - he and his crew are very experienced, professional, and his rates are great! (We did "time/materials" - purchasing most of the materials ourselves, but he told us what to buy, and picked up the things we couldn't get or needed more of...) An absolute pleasure to work with! 

Hi there! We are in the process of doing the same thing as well. We don't have a backyard, only a sloped front yard, and there was no realistic way to build a traditional play area/structure that would require flat ground. However, we found a landscaper who is very creative, and he came up with really fun and cool ideas, like creating a small stone play area and installing a fort amongst the plants! He really knows what kids would like, our twin 3.5yo boys spent hours yesterday scooping and digging in the mini rock quarry. If you're interested in learning more please send me a message.