Looking for a kitchen designer

Can you recommend a kitchen designer who can make suggestions on best use of space, layout and cabinet options? Please feel free to share website/portfolio of your favorite service. We have many ideas but need help executing them as we consider structural changes as well (replacing a sliding door with a window). Although we have set our hearts on a rustic/farmhouse-style kitchen for our 1904 house (think "Chip and Joanna Gaines/Fixer Upper"), we are hoping to find someone who listens and gives advise on what makes most sense.

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We redid our kitchen about 5 years ago and loved all the help and suggestions from Rachelle Padgett of Synthesis Interiors and Color. She's wonderful to work with and is adept at many different styles. http://synthesisinteriorsandcolor.com/

I highly recommend Paragon Kitchen and Bath in Oakland near Lakeshore. https://paragonkbstudio.com/  Elyse was not only incredibly professional and warm, listening to and accommodating our complicated space/design needs and budgetary requirements, but she also quite literally saved the day by stepping in when our architect disappeared (we implemented structural changes as well). We could not recommend Elyse and Paragon highly enough. For what it is worth, we also worked with Gabriel Kobban and Kobban Builders http://kobban.com . It was a perfect pairing. Good luck with your kitchen! 

We were recommended to meet with Carlene Anderson during our remodel several years ago.  She was really helpful, has worked on kitchen design for many years.  She made a number of key suggestions about the space (including changing the location for the fridge) and told us about wonderful options for maximizing cabinet space.  We'd definitely recommend her.  Look up Carlene Anderson Kitchen Design on Yelp, you'll find her.