Looking for Kaiser Doctor for 15 YO Girl (Oakland)

Hello, we're looking for a good doctor (preferably female) for a 15 year old girl. Not sure if she would still be at the pediatric location at this age, or if we should just have her see a family doctor. Would love to get some recommendations! 



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My 15 year old daughter sees Dr. Ping Chouw (female) in pediatrics. She's very nice and has been a great doctor. We chose her after picking the brains of her previous (male) pediatrician and various nurses (she decided to change to a female doctor when she hit puberty). And it looks from Dr. Chouw's web page like she is accepting new patients.

I would recommend Jill Nicole Lederman at Kaiser in Oakland. She is in the Family Medicine Department, so she can see people of all ages. She was my doctor in my 20s at a different practice in SF (in the early 2000s); she saw my brother too. (I was basically an overgrown teenager at that stage in my life.) I just recently  switched to Kaiser, just to see her, and she is truly the best. I think she would be a great doctor for a teenage girl. She will answer any of your questions and advise you on medical issues, without any judgment! https://mydoctor.kaiserpermanente.org/ncal/providers/nicolelederman