Looking for a Japanese tutor for teen

Hi all,

My 13year old is very interested in learning Japanese. Can you all recommend a tutor or local classes? We live in Berkeley.

thanks so much!

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Hi! Our daughter has been attending Japanese school on the weekends at Sakura Gakuen in Pleasanton for 3 years.  It has classes for native and non-native speakers. They may also offer private classes or tutoring.  Good luck! 

I know a wonderful Japanese tutor who lives in El Cerrito. His name is Ellis and he is out of town until June 5th. He has been tutoring students in Japanese at community colleges and will be a junior at UC Berkeley in the Fall as a Japanese Studies major. Please email me at jen [at] spiritualgiftinstitute.com and I will put you in contact with him.

I don't know about classes or tutoring but I work with a group of Japanese high school students at UC Berkeley each summer called the TOMODACHI Initiative. We have a mentor program where we invite local students to interact with our students in casual settings, e.g. an ice cream social, shopping expeditions, etc. Japanese is not a requirement as many of our students are eager to practice English. If that sounds interesting, please email me at dbeiser50 [at] gmail.com and I can send you more details.

Buddhist Church of Oakland used to offer Saturday classes, quite inexpensive if they are still doing it -- try calling them to ask.