Looking for infant daycare/in-home/nannyshare for 6 month old

Hi. Anyone know of openings in Alameda for infant daycare/ in-home daycare for my 6 month old in Dec? Would also consider nanny share and would consider November as well.. I’m a first time mom and didn’t know how ridiculous wait lists are :( . Any recommendations/suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

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Hi,  also a FTM here. Not sure if you already know but have a look at the Facebook's nannies and mummies bay area group. I'm not looking but I see a lot of activity on that group.

Hello! I think Silvia's Montessori daycare may have some openings for an infant. It is a wonderful daycare and we've been very happy watching our child grow! https://www.berkeleyparentsnetwork.org/recommend/preschool/miescuelitamont

This Google Sheet of Alameda daycares has been passed around parenting groups on Facebook and is pretty extensive.

My husband and I were actually able to get a spot immediately in several in-home daycares, but this was this past July, to start in late August. I think a lot of spaces open up then because kids age out and start going to kindergarten. And in-home daycares typically don't keep waitlists, you have to keep calling. 

When we lived in SF and were originally looking for childcare in December to start in January, it was SO tough! Even getting a nanny was hard. Initially we tried going the nanny share route but it didn't work out and we ended up hiring a single nanny for a while.