Looking at home in Martinez, need some input.

My family is looking to buy a home, and are trying to figure out which areas would be ideal to look at, re: price, schools/school districts, and demographics. I currently WFH (my husband works from home full time, but I began during the pandemic) and while I would love to remain WFH, I have no idea if that will be a possibility when things improve. So I may have to commute to downtown Oakland at least 2 days a week (though I don't suspect this will happen until at least 2022).

On that note, is Martinez just too far a commute? (We currently rent in Moraga.) We're wondering what people think of Martinez overall as well. Checking out the demographics section of some of the elementary schools (our son is 3 right now), it's not very diverse, which I expected, but I'm wondering if local folks can tell me if there's any Asian/south Asian presence in the neighborhoods (We have looked at a few homes so far,  in... Shannon Hills? And below the 4, around Beechwood) and what the vibe is toward POC generally. 


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