Looking for a high school-equivalent Hebrew course to meet requirement

My daughter studied Hebrew for many years in Jewish Day School. Now, she is a high school freshman and would so much rather continue with Hebrew over French or Spanish. I am coing up with nothing looking at local schools. Cal, BCC, the community colleges, GTU. JCC-type class won't meet the high school requirements. 

Online ideas? Ideally, we would love to find that one family who actually did this with high school language! 

Thank you for collective help and brainstorming.

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Check out Gratz College online. I looked into it for my son but he ended up taking French : )

Good luck!

Call San Francisco's Jewish Community HIgh School to find out if they can organize classes on the East Bay.  On the Peninsula (Palo Alto/Sunnyvale), the JCC and Kehillah Jewish High School have partnered to organize high school level Hebrew classes outside of Jewish day schools:   https://paloaltojcc.org/Beged-Kefet-Hebrew-School#English