Looking for a high school for Autism spectrum and behavioral disorders?

Hello Bpn communirty,

We reside in San Ramon and are seeking for a high school either public or private for our 16 year old with autism spectrum, anxiety and some behavioral disorders. We had tried Seneca & we were not crazy about the school and counselors. He attending Monte Vista High in Danville (they have special needs classes/therapy) but end up being too much for him academic & behavioral wise, perhaps too may student and over stimulation for him. 

Any suggestions or recommendations will be much appreciated! :)


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I would recommend Spectrum Center in Hayward, a NPS where your district can place him. My recommendation comes from a very positive personal experience of over 3 years with my child who has ADHD, Anxiety Disorder and ASD that came with behavioral needs as well.

Perhaps you should visit Orion Academy in Moraga.  Orion is a high school which has a program specifically designed for those diagnosed with autism or NLD.  The school has experienced teachers and psychologists who provide specific support with academics, pragmatic language and executive function skills.  (www.orionacademy.org)


My son with similar issues attends the Marchus School in Concord and it has been amazing.