Looking for a great writing coach for my 12-year-old son

Hello BPN Community,

My oldest son was recently diagnosed with a learning disability with impairment in writing. He always had a hard time writing. The specialist who worked with us to do the assessment is recommending a writing coach ideally with educational therapy background and/or experience working with kids with dyslexia. East Bay would be better.

If you have worked with a great professional on this field or have someone in your network you can refer, please write back. I'm hoping that my son can start his writing sessions  as soon as possible.

Thank you all,


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My dyslexic son worked with Jane Ashley, licensed Educational Specialist, who was AMAZING. (510) 601-9780.

Hi - My 13-year-old son has dyslexia and he works with Jamie Keller, an educational therapist. Writing has been his greatest challenge, and she has helped him so much. He now easily does his homework. And is able to use class time for writing assignments, rather than sitting there overwhelmed and stuck. Mostly gone are the hours of tears whenever an assignment required writing. And Jamie is so kind and patient and fun. He loves working with her. She also helped him with reading. She is located in North Berkeley.  Her contact info is at www.learnwithme.com. Best of luck to you! Laura