Looking for great couples/marriage therapist- San Francisco

Hi there, I am looking for a great marriage counselor in San Francisco (most postings on this site seem to be East Bay). I am somewhat more interested in psychodynamic (depth) psychology than quick fix communication skills therapy. I would like to get to the root of the problem. I would not discount any suggestions though!

We are a couple who have been married for many years and our oldest chid will be going to college next year. My husband has always travelled a great deal and the upcoming life transitions seem like they could be a challenge. We have become somewhat disconnected over the years and would like to reconnect so we are excited to be alone together after our kids have moved on. Looking for a great therapist to guide us through the transition.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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I highly recommend Rachel Katz. She has offices in Berkeley and SF (Noe Valley). She’s helped us immeasurably in improving our communication and getting to the roots of our difficulties. She has earned our trust so that we can be honest and vulnerable in our work with her. Rachel Katz: (415) 641-9380.