Looking for a gradeschool for the 2019-2020 school year, 3rd grade


I have a 8 year old going into 3rd grade, and I'm looking to find an independent private school that is still accepting applications for next year.  We're in El Cerrito, so something in that area or close-by would be great.  I have only found a few schools in my searches and they have all been outside of our price range.  Do any of these do financial aid?  Thanks!

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The Berkeley School in Berkeley is excellent. Academics and Civic Engagement. Has Financial Aid.

Crestmont I believe has openings. They tend to be more affordable given its co-op status. However, the volunteer requirements are not that much more than most private schools’ participation  hours.  

My daughter has been at Crestmont School for two years and she is thriving there. The teachers support the kids in all facets of learning, academic as well as social-emotional. There are wonderful enrichment opportunities, with art, music (Orff method), and Spanish built right into the curriculum, as well as great great programs after school (Zumba, adventures, Lego...). Parents are closely involved, spending time in the classroom and contributing their special skills, which makes it so much richer. It is a true community of parents, teachers, and students working together to make happy learning kids. 


My kids go to Crestmont school in Richmond hills off the Arlington. It’s been a great experience so far. It is an awesome co-op community school that has a unique project-based curriculum, rigorous academics plus a focus on social emotional growth. The kids have lots of outdoor time, collaborative work, inter class learning activities and fun family events. There are still 3rd grade spots left and they offer financial aid. Come check it out! You can also message me for more information or if you want to talk on the phone. 

Best of luck finding the right spot,


I have had 2 boys at the Berkeley School, TBS, and we have been very happy.  Its a good progressive education and a great and caring community.  They are very near the Nroth Berkeley BART station and they do offer some financial aid and they have some opening for the 2019-2020 school year.  Good Luck

You didn't say why you're only looking at private school, so I will just say that especially if you have a price range, the public schools in El Cerrito are just fine. We have been very happy with our neighborhood school, Fairmont.