Looking for a good preschool that opens no later than 7:30 AM

My wife and I are both teachers and have to be at work by 8.  We live near Elmwood. Maddeningly, nearly every preschool seems to open at 8:30 AM.

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Claremont Day Nursery opens at 7 or 7:30. They have two locations near you - one at Claremont and Woolsey and one a block from Rockridge BART. We’ve had one or both our kids at the Claremont location for 3.5 years and we love it. 

Claremont Day Nursery is your answer! The one on the corner of Claremont and Woolsey is closest to you, but there's also a smaller campus in Rockridge on College Ave. across from Barney's. I am sure they are open by 7:30 and they also serve a hot lunch every day! Our kids both went to the College Ave. location, while we have several friends whose kids went to the Woolsey location. We all loved it - the teachers are warm and caring, it's play-based, and it was just the sweetest place for our kids. Our kids are teenagers now and we're still friends with CDN families and several of the teachers our kids had are still there...!

Have you looked at Claremont Day Nursery? They have location on both Claremont Ave and College Ave, and I'm pretty sure they open pretty early.

Claremont Day on Claremont and Woolsey opens early.

Claremont Day Nursery! They open at 7am! 

Lakeshore Children's Center in Oakland offers care from 7 am to 6 pm. From their website (http://www.lakeshorechildrenscenter.org/admissions.html): "We are a full time pre-school that operates year round. Our hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm. There is an additional charge for students that need to arrive at 7:00am or stay until 6:00pm. " My daughter went there for preschool, school-age aftercare program, and summer camps. She's in high school now, so left about 5 years ago, but much of the staff is still the same as it was. We were very satisfied there.

Caterpillar’s in Oakland opens at 7:30am sharp. Ana, the care provider is always prompt and ready to jump in and help families. She can be reached at analanuza27 [at] gmail.com

Both St John’s Childcare Center (non religious, they just use the church’s space) and the Model School open early!

my daughter is at St John’s now and we are loving it.

The Model School opens at 7am. Just a block away from the Whole Foods on Telegraph. They have rolling enrollment and likely have openings for 2yo+ (infant-2 has a waitlist usually). My 3yo and 1yo go there and the long hours are great!

The Model School at Prince and Telegraph is open 7a-6p.  

The New School of Berkeley opens at 7:15.

CEC off University opens at 7:30am!

Another option in Rockridge is the Room to Grow Preschool on Broadway at Taft. Open 7:30-6:00, M-F.