Looking for a good after-school art class for 5th graders.

My son has many ideas he wants to express but cannot draw very well.  I am looking for an after-class program to help him improve his drawing skills.  Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated!

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While touring an elementary school today, I saw an after-school class in Cartooning. Included "study and practice of basic drawing". Perhaps open enrollment options.

Contact info: http://nuskuarts.org/programs/comic-book/

Kathy de Rosas in Oakland is great. She has afterschool classes in her home studio off of Trestle Glen rd. She also teaches ceramics & 3D art at Crocker highlands K-5 elementary school. My 10 year daughter has done amazing projects w Kathy, plus Kathy has run successful classes just for boys. Kathyderosas [at] gmail.com