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We are looking to purchase a home in the Richmond, we can currently still back out of the contract as we have all Contingencies in place. It's a 1,800 home that hasn't been on the Market for 50 years and needs to be completely remodeled. We ideally would like to remodel it before moving in but only have 100k to work with. If anyone has been through this scenario before, I'm interested in hearing your opinions and if there are any General Contractors out there you recommend in the Richmond Area. I think right now my biggest problem is going to be getting on someone's schedule, everyone seems really busy. 

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Have you gotten any bids on the work you're considering?  Since a kitchen remodel alone can be upwards of $50K (and that figure is based on information that's several years old), you might want to have that information in hand before moving ahead with the purchase. It's pretty tough out there to get a contractor on board these days. Best of luck. 

I recommend  Crow Works 510 520 7989; crowworksdesign [at] gmail.com. Crow did an amazing bathroom remodel for us. He will,definitely tell you what can realistically be done within your budget. He's very creative, really knows the trade,  and easy to work with. I don't know his schedule, but give him a call.

feel free to use my name.

Kessner Construction does remodels of kitchens, bathrooms, and even new construction. You can contact Gawain Kessner at 510-847-9554.  I have worked with Kessner Construction (bathroom, garage loft building, cottage rehab), and can send pictures if you like.