Looking for a GC to do basement remodel in Berkeley/Albany area

We are looking for a general contractor who would assist us with a basement remodel in the Berkeley/Albany area - either drawing plans or sending us to a designer/engineer and then executing the job.  It needs to be permitted and above board.  It requires probably 6-10 inches of excavating for a bedroom and a bathroom.  We are looking for moderate-pricing (which I know is hard these days because everyone is so busy).  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. 

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We just had Murray Bruce ( https://www.murraybrucedesign.com/about) do new attic stairs for us and some work associated with that. He is a local Berkeley builder and designer, highly capable and we would highly recommend him. His prices are very reasonable and he is extremely pleasant and communicative so he will let you know if there is going to be any change to the initial estimate. We had a great experience with him and he likes doing local work so you may find he is available (tel: 510 604 1014).