Looking for fun, varied physical play/games for 12-yr-old after school

My 12-yr-old started middle school, has lots of homework and stress, and is no longer very interested in the highly structured after school activities he has done for a few years (martial arts) and does not want to be on a competitive team. He says he just wants to play games and have fun, like tag, dodgeball, maybe occasional for-fun-only team sport. This would be twice a week or so. His middle school doesn't have this.

Is there any venue for middle-school kids who want to "just play" after school, without commitment to a team and without strong competition? So many kids play club sports and are so specialized, anyone have suggestions for simply fun, physical after school play? 

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My son is 13 and has started to really enjoy playing with the neighborhood kids. He enjoys riding bikes and scooters, running around with walkie talkies, playing catch ( older kid type play) I'm enjoying seeing this because I think it takes a element of creativity to just get outside and play. If that's not well developed in your neighborhood, maybe things like Boy Scouts or church youth groups could help him get to know others who live nearby?