Looking for full time daycare for my 18 month old son in Oakland

Hello Parents!

Hope you're all doing well. I would love your advice and expertise in navigating the waters of "East Bay Daycare." My son Amory has been in an awesome in-home daycare in the mission district for the last year (he started in April of 2016 after a short nanny share experience) and we have loved it! He's one of a handful of kids, is learning Spanish, and the women who run the daycare REALLY love and care for him which is great. We drop off diapers and wipes when need be and every few weeks we're asked to bring milk or bananas or eggs, but we don't have to provide our own food every day which is a REAL win! They have a schedule, but because it's an in-home daycare and not a daycare center it's a little more loosey goosey and I'm alright with that. We have him there from 8:15am- 5:15pm and would need similar hours moving forward. I know that a lot of times places don't have websites so if you could share any places in Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley I would greatly appreciate it. We are moving from the city to lower Rockridge and I work in Emeryville. 

Thanks neighbors!


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Have you heard of Bananas? They’re a nonprofit childcare referral place. Great resource...


Check out the Grand Lake Montessori school. My son loves it. Open 7-6 pm and there is an option for lunch 

good luck! 

Neelam Sahdev took wonderful care of our son at Woolsey Daycare (in-home) starting when he was around your son's age. Her info is here: https://www.berkeleyparentsnetwork.org/recommend/preschool/woolseyday. (That top review is mine.)  It's reasonably convenient to Rockridge. Feel free to get in touch through BPN if I can provide more info.