Looking for a French Tutor/Afterschool Class


Does any one have any recommendations or referrals for french tutors to teach to two kids privately or would teach to a small group of kids (I might know another family interested). I am also open to any other families that might be interested in this. The kids went to EFBA for a class in person/then virtual right when the pandemic hit but it was hard to keep kids interested in the virtual format and really expensive too. 

If you know of any french tutors/teachers who are looking for either an afterschool thing or even a weekend thing, I am very much looking! And open to other ideas for french during the school year/summer for 8 and 10 year olds.

Thank you! Merci! 

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Blue Moon Learning Center in Alameda offers some French tutoring.  We take Japanese classes there, but I know they offer French as well.  

Hi, I have 2 kids ages 10 and 12 and would also be interested in a virtual French class if one is available. Thank you. 

I know you were turned off by the virtual format, but we're enthusiastic about our French tutor, Laura. https://headsuplearning.co/about/who-we-are/

Our child had zero background in French but during the pandemic, she decided that she wanted to learn French. The only option was virtual, so we searched and high and low and we are so incredibly grateful to have found Laura who makes virtual learning engaging. She is attuned to the student's personality, likes/dislikes and is very creative in ways to keep my child engaged and learning. We did twice a week tutoring during zoom schooling. Although school is now back in person, my child wanted to continue her session with Laura, so we now do once a week session with Laura. Every week, my child looks forward to her French lesson. She willingly turns off TV to turn on her chromebook and I hear her saying "Bonjour~" cheerfully to Laura. During zoom schooling with the local public school, my child learned absolutely nothing from school but she was able to progress and surpass her grade level both in English and Math and went from not knowing a word in French to being able to read, write, conjugate, and sing in French. 

After our experience with Laura, we have realized that not all zoom learning is created equal. Give Laura a try and maybe have an introductory call and see if your kids hit off well with Laura.

Good luck!