Looking for a financial planner

Hello, I'm looking for a financial planner that can look at my financial health and help me decide if I can afford a 2nd home, an addition on my house, and also saving for college and retirement. Do you have a financial planner (preferably fee only) that you really liked? Thanks!  

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I really like Eugene Demler. He learns about your family and your life taking a wholistic approach to your finances. He looks at your whole financial picture and goals for your finances and your future before making recommendations on investments. He also helps with financial planning, which is really helpful for your current finances and future planning. His website is https://www.edemmler.com/

Hi! I know an excellent financial advisor. His name is Cliff Barros. I’ve had a great experience working with him the last 3 or 4 years. You can contact him to cliff [at] bmb.associates.

I hope this helps!


Eugene Demler eugene [at] edemmler.com

He worked with us after we got an inheritance and helped us plan for it the right way. He's got all the charts and figures if you want them but he can also make it really easy to understand, which was helpful for us. We don't have kids yet, we honestly didn't know if we could afford it. But Eugene helped us see what the Long term costs look like and even set up a plan for a college fund. I highly recommend talking to him.