Looking for feedback and info about Holden High School in Orinda

I am looking to hear current feedback, info, opinions, experiences with Holden High School in Orinda. My Teen is struggling academically and socially in public high school and we are looking for alternatives. Thanks!

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My child is currently a senior at Holden and has attended since Fall of freshman year. Before that we had struggled with public school and even homeschooling, but it was not at all clear how our child would be able to graduate high school because they wouldn't attend any of the schools we tried. Holden has been a lifesaver. Their first couple years were amazing in terms of attendance and achievement. They hit a rough patch in the Fall semester of Junior year and missed about 6 weeks. The Holden staff were really great in working with us and not giving up on our child. They are now on track to graduate in the Spring. They have a small group of close friends. We really couldn't ask for a better high school experience for this particular child. I am happy to talk with you further about our experience. Email me at francesmontell [at] gmail.com

I am not personally familiar with Holden High School, but I am familiar with Orinda Academy (OA) in Orinda. OA is a small independent high school. As a parent I appreciate the support of the OA community – the teachers, staff and administration take the time to get to know the families and most importantly each individual student. They recognize that each student has their own approach to studying and learning and they work with each student to accommodate their needs and develop a learning plan that is challenging. The community provides a safe place for students to be who they are and encourages students to explore their interests. OA is focused on preparing students for their future by encouraging students to advocate for themselves, by providing learning opportunities outside of the classroom through Educational Adventure Week and clubs, as well as offering music and art programs.