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I am in a high conflict divorce from a very controlling man who tries to alienate our son from me and my family and basically any activity or person he doesn't approve of.  He is emotionally abusive but knows how to behave well in the court room and in front of mediators.  I need an attorney who can speak up for me in court.  Speaking about the things that he has done to me and my son is very difficult for me without getting emotional as I have endured years of threats and verbal abuse, + his trying to turn my son against me.  I need an attorney who is organized and eloquent and quick on their feet.  My case is in Alameda.  Could anyone provide me w/ recommendation(s)?

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Timothy Fricker in Oakland is excellent -- real fighter for his clients' parental rights and full of practical advice for dealing with an adversarial ex. His number is 510-633-8484. 

Hannah sims in oakland - wicked smart and thinks quickly on her feet. A bit quirky but totally on spot in her work

i highly recommend Donna Gibbs in Oakland. Smart, experienced, kind, responsive, and always calm and sensible. My exhusband was (is) also very difficult, but Donna really helped me to figure out when to fight back and when to let it go. She stayed focused on the end goal and helped me through a very difficult time. Her office is very professional and well organized. I would never have been able to get through my divorce without her wise counsel and steadfast assistance. Good luck to you.