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I am looking for an immigration lawyer who has experience in filing a writ of mandamus regarding a delayed US citizenship application. I passed my US citizenship interview in May 2019, but USCIS has not made a decision regarding my application since then nor have they asked for further documents. They also don't tell me what the reason for the delay is. If you know of a lawyer who is able to help me, please reply.

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Hi there,

I used Jason Marachi in SF for my Green Card stuff years ago. He was affordable, down to earth and personable. I highly recommend him:


Good luck!

I recommend contacting Fuerza Immigration Lawyers in Oakland. Request an appointment with attorney Kevin Crabtree. He has a lot of successful experience with your exact situation. 

I’ve worked with Robert Jobe and Christine Stouffer in the past on complex immigration cases. Either would be good at this.

I highly recommend Richard Kolomejec.  Best immigration attorney in San Francisco. I was lucky to be referred  to Richard and I referred him to my friends after my case was a finish success. Thank you for help Richard. Call him : (415) 433-7205.