Looking for an East Bay piano teacher - recommendations?

Hi! Looking for recommendations voice, piano (and maybe guitar) teacher for my 7 yo daughter.  She lights up when on stage so open to a Performing Arts school....she has take piano and dancing but we relocated to the East Bay so looking for recommendations?  We are away this summer (not available to attend a camp) so it would be for August 2019 but we wanted to get started and looking to meet a few teachers to find a nice fit.  Thank you so much for your help!

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I know of a fantastic piano teacher in the Glenview area of Oakland. Her name is Libby McLaren. My daughter LOVES her! I think she has a waiting list right for new students, but it'd be worth it to meet with her and, if you like her, get on her list. Her wife (Robin Flower) also teaches string instruments, so that could work great as well. They work out of their home. Contact me directly for their info. ~Mailisha Chesney


KC Cavanagh  is an incredible piano teacher. She is full of energy and silliness and kids love to be around her.  She created a brilliant comic book series that teaches the fundamentals of piano and it is pure fun. My daughter has been playing piano with KC since she was 4 and is now almost 8. She can read music and play songs by ear. It is awesome.

Here is her website: http://kcandfriends.com

I would like to recommend that you reach out to Marianne http://www.mariannebarlow.com/

Marianne is my 6 year old kid's piano teacher and was her preschool teacher. She is absolutely amazing with kids. She was a teacher for a very long time and decided to pursue music full-time, so she now does music lessons. She can teach piano, guitar and uke, among others. I think she does voice, too. I saw at least 1 kid taking singing lessons from her.  Her pedagogy is a bit different and interesting. She also plays these music games with younger kids that teaches them basics of music theory. We feel that it's been a great fit for our child. Check out her website.