Looking for East Bay PCIT

We've met with a child psychologist at Stanford Children's Health for our 5-yr-old and were given recommendations for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). The only problem is the providers are all located in the Palo Alto and San Jose area. We'd love to do these sessions in person if possible so we're looking for PCIT resources in the East Bay. We live in Alameda and are willing to travel within the East Bay/Alameda County for therapy. Would love any and all recommendations. Thanks in advance!

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I think of all therapy PCIT actually works really well online. The kid doesn't interact with the therapist in any meaningful way and there would be a two way mirror if you were in person. When you do it virtually you just set up a laptop or camera. We did PCIT virtually during the pandemic and used a provider based in SF. 

RE: Looking for East Bay PCIT ()

I'm not 100% sure they are still offering it, but we did PCIT with A Better Way in Berkeley.