Looking for a dyslexia educ. therapist in the east bay,1st Grader

We are looking for recommendations for an educational therapist in the east bay (El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, Richmond, Hercules, Pinole, nearby areas) that specializes in working with young students (my son is in 1st grade) using tactics proven to help students with dyslexia and disgraphia. We are open to tutors trained in Linda Mood Bell, Barton, Orton-Gillingham, etc.

Please let me know if anyone has any reco's.

Greatly appreciated!

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Laura Hoffman 510-798-9576.    She does the younger kids and has loads of experience.  My son worked with her from age 7-10 and we've had friends who hired her for their kids.  She has this gentle vibe that little kids, especially the anxious ones, respond to.  Highly recommended.

Multiple school community members have told me how much they appreciate the work of Jane Ashley with their children who are living with dyslexia. Jane's practice is in South Berkeley, near Ashby BART.

Our son worked with Peg Bogle <pegbogle [at] gmail.com> from age 8-13. She's 100% why he is a good reader! She also worked w/ executive functioning/time management skills and attended our IEP meetings. Highly recommended.