Looking for a doula for UCSF birth


I am expecting my first child on January 25th. I have just begun my search for my doula, but have yet to find "the one" and am looking for recommendations! My husband and I live in Alameda and will be giving birth at UCSF. Some qualities that I am looking for in a doula: someone with an extensive background (as far as both education and experience), offers placenta encapsulation, and ideally has a background or knowledge with hypnobirthing. Thank you for your help! 

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Hi! Sorry, no recommendations here, but I just wanted you to keep in mind that many hospitals are only allowing 1 support person to stay with you during labor- no trading in/out. Depending on the covid situation they may allow 2, but it’s dynamic. So as you interview potential doulas be sure to ask what the expectation is, if that happen. 

I am currently working with Ilka Fanni for my upcoming birth. Though I cant tell how things will go during birth, I can already recommend Ilka based on her prenatal visits thus far. She is super warm, gentle and supportive. Please check her website: https://www.ilkafanni.com/

Happy Birth :) 

I highly recommend Jennifer Light.  A trained doula.  A gem of a person; intuitive, responsible, kind, loving and present. 

Her phone number : 510-207-5078 Good luck.  And happy Birth

We recently went through Doulas by the Bay and had a positive experience!They can connect you with doulas that have a range of different experience, education, birth philosophies,etc, that are available around your due date. The company is based in SF so I'd imagine a lot of the doulas would be available for a UCSF birth. I ended up giving birth 2 months early with an emergency c-section, but our doula provided great support to myself and my husband virtually. 

I loved Renata Provost (https://www.yelp.com/biz/renata-provost-oakland and https://www.theinnatedoula.com/). She provided incredible support when I gave birth to our son in 2018. Back then, she had already assisted in over 250 births, so she's extremely experienced.  Renata is a calm, joyful, and wonderful presence and I can't say enough good things about her.