Looking for a daycare that has cameras

Dear all! I was wondering if you know a good daycare in east bay that has cameras installed, so we can see our babies whenever we want on our phones.



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That would be a very odd request (having a daycare with cameras).  I've never heard of that.  Daycare providers can send you pictures and videos of your children throughout the day if you ask.  Also, if you want to see your kid during the day, consider hiring a nanny and place a nanny cam at your house.

That's sort of a huge security risk. Wireless cameras are a huge way that hackers are able to hack networks and spy on kids/families in their homes, so I'd expect it to be an easy target at a daycare. Also, there would be liability because then you could watch other people's kids without their permission. My daycare in the city has an app where they share pictures and they disable the download function for the pictures with other kids. (Obviously there are ways around that, but at least they try!) No place that I've visited in the past couple of years has had anything like that. 

Don’t know where you are located, but The Child Unique Montessori in Alameda have classroom cameras. They don’t have multiple angles, so you can’t see the entire classroom. You view the camera from an app, and they only give you access to the classroom you’re child is at. The school has 3 different campuses in Alameda.