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Looking for help in adjusting to mental health decline in one grown child, and serious physical illness in another.  It has been a heartbreaking year and I’m spending lots of time helping care for (and reassure) grandkids caught by the turbulence.  

Does anyone have a results-oriented, compassionate counselor ( for me) they are willing to share?

thank you for helping,

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I'm sorry this has been a heartbreaking year for you. I do not have a counselor to recommend, but I can suggest family support groups through NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). If the support group is not helpful to you directly, someone there may be able to recommend a counselor.


I'm glad you're searching for ways to care for yourself. 

RE: Looking for counselor ()

 A few people in my family have loved Two Chairs (in Oakland and San Francisco). They place you with an appropriate therapist based on your intake interview.