Looking for concrete patio recommendation and info

I've been having trouble finding a firm to put in a concrete patio in North Berkeley. I'd be grateful if anyone could send me contact info of a company that does that sort of thing. Thanks!

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Hi, I am Holly Rose, a Berkeley real estate agent, and I can vouch for Paradigm Construction for your concrete patio installation. I have had many, many experiences with concrete contractors -- both on my own home, and those of clients. I have been on your shoes and I can tell you, it does not pay to work with a "cheap" concrete installer (not that Paradigm is expensive)  -- the results are at worst permanent, and at best very costly to fix. Paradigm has been around forever, and they have a very solid, well-earned reputation. You can find other recommendations on my website, HollyRoseHomes, under the "Resources" tab. Feel free to call me for more advice on your project. 

Many years ago, we had a small patio & walkways installed as part of a larger project (deck, bench seats, raised planting boxes, drip irrigation, etc.) by Lazar Landscaping:  http://lazarlandscape.com/

The fellow who did the concrete work was excellent!  (The rest of the project was as well, for that matter.)  He used a swirly technique that resulted in a very stylish finish.  I think he was part of their crew and not an independent contractor.