Looking for a class in 3D Printing/Modeling for a teenager


I am looking for a 3D modeling class for my 16-year-old son and wonder if anyone has any suggestions.  My son has a 3D printer and really wants to learn how to use it better.  He's made numerous attempts at making a print, but they all end up not being successful.  He's frustrated and I can see his interest, once very high, is waning.  He needs a hands-on class or workshop -- not another YouTube video.  Has anyone had any experience with learning how to make stuff with a 3D printer from a class/school?  I appreciate any recommendations or suggestions. Thanks very much!

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The Contra Costa County Library (ccclib.org ) s currently offering a class in 3d printing. I don't remember the details but I just saw the announcement. It's via Zoom but a real human being will be there live to help people. it is free, of course.