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Hello, BPN!

I am looking for a psychiatrist for my son (age 7) who my pediatrician thinks has OCD.  He has to go through a routine to check all the locks in our home before he goes to bed, and will do things like say, "I love you!" over and over.  It's sweet, but he seems pretty stressed out.  Also a lot of anxiety in general.  Ideally would be someone who approaches with therapy first, I would like to avoid giving medication if at all possible.  We're in Berkeley.  Thanks for any recommendations or advice. 

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OCD sufferer here. The good news is that OCD treatment is pretty straightforward and highly successful. Many times, without the need of medication. I personally never needed it in my 25 years of living with it.  It is VERY important though that you contact an OCD specialist. Unfortunately, regular talk therapy won't do. I highly recommend that you reach out to Dr. Cyndi Lowe. Not sure if she treats children but she will know who to refer to you to as she is a well of knowledge on all things OCD. 

Good luck! If he, indeed, has OCD, there's a huge community and tons of resources to pull from. I assure you that life can/will be just as joyful :)


Perhaps you can start with a child psychologist. My daughter suffered from anxiety and Dr. Fortunee Kayra-Stuart, PHD, worked with her for 18 months and the problem was resolved. Dr. Stuart is exceptionally experienced and also very knowledgeable about pharmacology. She practices in Berkeley on 9th street. 
Best wishes for a good outcome. 

My daughter had all the symptoms you describe in your post.  I feel for you.  I recommend Dr. Emily Asher, in Oakland.  She is a caring child psychiatrist, well trained to offer both medication (IF needed!)   and integrated psychotherapy.  She has  deep experience with OCD and anxiety in young children.  Reach her at 510 488 5074; she even has weekend office hours in Rockridge!  I wish you and your son the best. 

You could look into Rogers, in Walnut Creek - they have intensive OCD programs for kids and teens (and can probably give you the names of a psychiatrist?).  They have have a long waitlist, though.