Looking for a caterer for a holiday party

Hi - have you worked with someone recently who would be open to cater a holiday party for 40 or so people at our house (appetizers). 

Thank you!

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I’ve used Hugh Gorman Catering many times and they are fantastic! Staff is excellent! Food is superb. They also have a lower cost option called Greenleaf Platters, and they will just drop things off for you. 

I’ve used Dove catering many times!

A paella could be great, even better than appetizers and the same price

vengapaella.com    Eduardo

also we had use Market hall in Rockridge and it work pretty well for appetizers, prices better than other places

you can contact me if you would want more info of all my research...( for different parties I used different caterings)


I've used Ann's catering a bunch of times for big and small parties and they are great. I always pick up the food trays myself but they will also deliver and provide service. Here's the website: http://anns-catering.com/

We really liked Privileged Catering the last time we used them.  Family and black owned. Very professional yet delightful to work with.  (510) 999-8150 or check them out on IG: privilegedcatering.