Looking for a caring , personalized , amazing preschool in Walnut Creek

Hello ,

My family and I are moving to Walnut Creek soon . I heard great recomendations for Springfield Montessori and Shederlands .

I like the building of Montessori but I don't think it is what we are looking for.

we currently live in San Rafael and we love our preschool! Our son is so happy. Classrooms are around 12-13 kids with 2 teachers . Going to Springfield Montessori it was hard for me to see that the classrooms are 24-2 teachers .

Im really hoping to find a preschool that is similar to ours in San Rafael , where they are very involved , gives play an important part of teaching and learning .

I truly appreciate any guidance on where to look. I'm concern that I won't fine something with availability and the characteristics that I'm persuing.

We are going to be close to Norgate but I'm willing to move from that area.


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I have heard good things about Kindercare in Walnut Creek but not sure about their classroom sizes.  Also the White Pony preschool seems to get a lot of good reviews online as well.

If you get lucky and can get in the door (lots of applicants), you would love White Pony preschool. It's in Lafayette, right on the Walnut Creek border. It's an amazing place, and all of the things you described in your post.