looking for a bug screen installation service

Hi there,

I'm looking for a service that can install bug screens on the windows of my house. Screensmobile seems to be closed in this area. Any recommendation appreciated!



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If your window frames are fairly square and you don't mind taking your own measurements, there are online companies that will custom build the screens and ship them to you. There is a bit of crating so shipping fees are not cheap. One would need to buy several screens to reduce the shipping overhead on a per screen basis. The ones that I ordered have simple spring tensioners for a friction fit. A super easy solution but this would not be enough though to resist swaggering toddlers and excited pets.

We just had screens custom-made and installed in our house by East Bay Screens. I thought the price and turnaround time was very reasonable and Leslie was great to work with. https://www.eastbayscreens.com/contact/