Looking for Blue Shield PPO Psychiatrists

Hi all -

Our Blue Shield PPO plan makes it impossible for us (due to ridiculously low reimbursement rates) to keep our current out-of-network providers (who were in-network with our previous insurance). So we are looking for recommendations for Blue Shield PPO in-network psychiatrists - one for a kid with ADHD, one for an adult with dysthymia. We need them for medication management, not for psychotherapy. Many thanks for any advice on whom to see (or not to see). 

- Overwhelmed by medical bills 

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Have you checked out Psychiatric Wellness Alternatives? 


They are a referral agency that works with psychiatrists who take your insurance (my husband has the same plan as you and had trouble finding someone in-network - he has a great connection w the psychiatrist he meets w regularly to monitor his anti-depressants).