Looking for babysitting agency

Hi Berkeley parents!  We are moving to Berkeley in August with our two-year-old who will be enrolled in preschool.  We currently work with a wonderful babysitting agency to get reliable gap-filling care (school days off, a few hours on weekends).  The agency vets the sitters and does all the scheduling.  Does anyone know of anything similar in the Berkeley area?  We're not looking for nanny placement, just shorter-term sitters.  Thanks so much for any suggestions!

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We’ve had a great experience with Town and Country. 

I use Urban Sitter whenever my kids’ preschool is closed. Some of the sitters are great, some are just fine. I’ve never had a bad experience. The only real problem I’ve run into is that it’s hard to book the same person again. The people on the site looking for occasional jobs frequently seem to be in tea soon between longer gigs so it’s hard to have continuity.