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We are celebrating an anniversary and are saddened with the recent closing of our beloved Katrina Rozelle bakery (our go to for all of our special occasion cakes).  We are looking for recs for an amazing bakery, and we are open to places in SF, East Bay or North Bay. Would love to hear where you all go for cakes! Thanks-

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Casa de Chocolates is our go-to place for chocolate cake (The El Rey cake).


Batch Pastries in Montclair makes very special and beautiful cakes. Delicious too. I’d say they match the specialness of Katrina Rozelle. And super nice, woman-owned, local. They’ve been doing deliveries during Covid, but now you can also order online for pickup. We are big fans!

Masse's Pastries in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto has delicious and beautiful cakes - and they can personalize for a special occasion. http://www.massespastries.com/

Batch Pastries  2220 Mountain Blvd  Oakland  near Montclair Village

the only cake I will buy  you can customize your order in any way

Check out Batch Pastries in Montclair (formerly Montclair Bakery but under new ownership). Their cakes, and all of their goods, are great! 

We are obsessed with cupcakin bakeshop - two locations (berkeley and oakland)!

Katrina Rozelle made my wedding cake and I was sorry to hear they had closed. However, Masse's Pastries in North Berkeley makes beautiful cakes that are perfect for special occasions and they are so delicious too. You can get them personalized. My favorite is their opera cake. The mango mousse cake is fabulous also, especially in warm weather.  And if you are a chocolate lover it's hard to beat their chocolate ruffle cake! I just looked on their website and they are open for pre-order pickups. http://www.massespastries.com

Katrina Rozelle was our go-to too! I recommend Cakes by Karl (http://cakesbykarl.com/). Pictures of his cakes can be found on his Facebook page too. He also won the Food Network Halloween Baking Championship last year. His products were on sale at Berkeley Bowl in the bakery section pre-shelter-in-place. If their bakery section is open again (I haven't been recently so I can't verify), his products should hopefully be back in the display case. 

Fournee, by the Claremont is always a good bet. Everything there tastes better than you’ve ever had (how do they do that?) and the cakes are beautiful too. 

Masse’s pastries on Shattuck near Sauls is amazing. I don’t know their SIP hours, I do know they are still  baking.

Sesame Tiny Bakery (Marykate McGoldrick, former pastry chef at Camino) is a genius cake baker - her cakes feature layers of seasonal organic ingredients (such as roasted cherries or pluots -- fresh strawberries or peaches) and they are such LIGHT and fluffy and special, striking cakes. She’s working on opening a storefront at 2969 Shattuck but in the meantime she is available for special orders with a limited seasonal menu, and pickups are at the Kebabery. I have loved getting slices at the Kebabery when she had pop-ups there.

My all time favorite was a Kabocha squash cake with ginger graham crunch+cream cheese frosting+pepita brittle. That was years ago and I still think about that cake.  

Website is sesametinybakery.com and click on "events" to see some past cakes and for contact info.

I second the recommendation for Sesame Bakery. http://sesametinybakery.com/

Especially wonderful for special occasions!